The Lighthouse Keeper

Everyone sees the light, but nobody sees me.

Today Leonardo comes home crying. When his father and mother hear what his school friend has told him, they understand that the day they have feared for a long time has come— the moment when they will have to start crushing his dreams. They speak to him, say that his friend is right; tell him I do not exist. But they are wrong.

I dream, therefore I am.

It is different every time, and tonight is not exception. Could unconscious minds ever be the same for everyone, after all? That’s where I live, confined in borderless worlds. Leonardo’s world, this time.

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BSF Flash Fiction Contest: January 2020

And the winner is… “Il guardiano del faro”!

The very first appearance of my flash fiction “The Lighthouse Keeper”, in its original Italian version.

Please take a look at the contest page on Breve Storia Felice. You’ll find the notes of the judges, the flash and an interview. In Italian, of course.

Thanks to the judges Marco Riva and Roberta Resega from and thanks to all the editorial staff at Breve Storia Felice: Chiara Zanini, Gabriele Claudio Costagliola, Astrid DeVilla, and Teo Williger.

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