Nothing Short of Odd


Release date: JUNE 2024.

It’s genre fiction, that’s for sure. What genre? Well, that’s a different question.

Nothing Short of Odd is a collection of short stories and flash fiction, an unlikely patchwork in which light and dark share the pages and what is everyday reality stands next to what is not.

Sixteen stories. Different themes. A potpourri of pieces that made their way out of the slush pile of unsolicited submissions and were selected for publication in literary webzines.

This book is dedicated to those who believed in these stories and gave them a chance.


Readers' Favorite 5-Stars Sigil

An enthralling read for anyone who loves peculiar and unexpected narratives.

― Doreen Chombu, Readers’ Favorite ★★★★★
Indies Today Recommended

“An unconventional collection that serves as fuel to imagination’s fire.”

― Nicky Flowers, Indies Today ★★★★★

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