What is your greatest fear?

Honored to announce that “There’s Someone at the Door” has been published in The Closed Eye Open Issue VIII.

Thanks to Daniel Morgan, Maya Highland, and Aaron Lelito for accepting this little piece of mine.

The full issue is available for online viewing at the following LINK, if you want to take a look.

This is its first appearance ever. It was written for a contest at Breve Storia Felice, but I didn’t submit it. Now it’s time to let it go.

Wanna read something?

Of Reality and Dream: Tales for Underground is now available for online reading in a brand new section of this website.

Just remember: you choose to read it; the fault is yours.

On the run

So honored to share the pages with such talented writers at On the Run!

Please meet “Story of a Happy Thought”, the English version of “Storia di un pensiero felice”.

Thanks to Zac Furlough and the Editorial Staff for giving this flash a home.

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