Flash Fiction & Short Stories

Remastered Edition for
Tales for Underground

This collection includes some of the stories written when, somewhere between high school and the age when you realize that the quarter of a century is not just a legend, I was experimenting with my passion for writing and searching for my own personal style.

Today I want to introduce them to you, with their flaws and virtues, to stop in time that period of my life and – why not? – for a farewell to the boy I was.

That boy who showed, as a coveted trophy, his reckless literary experiments, displayed on a stall in Via Garibaldi and sold as photocopies with spiral binding in a nearby copy shop.

That boy who spent hours on the typewriter, and who in front of his first word processing software felt the same thrill as when he saw Nastassja Kinski in Cat People.

That boy who stopped writing more than twenty years ago, after encapsulating in one last story emotions that he was unable to cope in any other way.

That boy who is now asking me if he made the right choice.

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