About the author

Loredano Cafaro was born in Turin in 1971. He learns to read thanks to the comic-strip stories of what would become Sergio Bonelli Editore and soon discovers the need to get lost in worlds born from the creativity of others, whether they are told in the form of words, images or music.

He embraced his passion for writing during his high school years and from 1989 onwards he mainly wrote flash fiction and short stories, proposed to the public through independent initiatives, trashing straightaway a couple of unfinished novels. He hung up his pen in 1998 when, legend has it, a jealous girlfriend hammered the computer with the only copy of what he hoped would become his first far-reaching novel.

In 2018 he decided to select some of the old surviving writings and propose them in eBook format, with the intent of understanding whether there is real potential or writing should be definitively relegated to a youthful passion. While waiting for the verdict, in the little free time left to him by his work as a computer scientist, to which he has dedicated himself for over twenty-five years, he reads as much as he can and studies the works of the masters of storytelling and screenwriting.

He lives in the hills of Turin with his wife and two children. He carries in his heart Bach’s Jonathan Livingston Seagull, a gift from a primary school teacher, and proudly displays on a wall of his house an old poster of Hitchcock’s Rear Window. He associates 1982 with Blade Runner rather than the World Cup in Spain, and amusedly points out to the young aspiring Jedi that he had seen Star Wars at the movies when it first came out. If he could pick a soundtrack for his writings, it would probably include songs by David Bowie, The Cure and Depeche Mode. Between the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, he has always preferred the latter.

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